Sarh Group
  • Our mission

Is to serve our customers beyond limits. Contribute to the development of the International Accounting Standards, auditing, tax and legal consultations and intellectual property rights .Develop human resources, by generating highly specialized courses. Bridging the gap of confidence between those who benefit from the financial data and our customers. Provide our customers with up to date information in this area, and equip them with the best means, to save effort and time, and take the right decision at the right time.

At the same time, despite the fact that the nomenclature of this class of drugs today includes a very wide spectrum, humanity will always need new antibacterial drugs. reason for this is the ability of microorganisms to develop resistance (resistance) to antibiotics.
  • Our Vision

Is to be the leaders in the markets that we have decided to serve, and to be distinguished  in our performance. Moreover, to be number one, in expertise and innovation, and number one or two in the volume of our business.