Sarh Group
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Welcome to our Web-Site ...


SARH aim is to provide its customers (individuals, companies, institutions,…etc) in both private and public sectors with training, consultation and integrated technological solutions in order to help them in solving their obstacles and support them in making the right decision at the right time.


SARH Training Centre and IT Dept. are the gathering point for accountants' professionals and IT. It is the generator of tomorrow's professional in both fields. We at SARH aiming to be leaders in providing IT solutions and the professional training for the accountants in Jordan and the Arab region; we are providing many professional training programs, as example the ACCA, the CPA, the JCPA,CIA, CMA, CPA and  the DipIFRS (Diploma in IFRS),. However, by successfully completing one of our professional programs, you will have the respect, prestige, knowledge and opportunity required to excel in the exciting world of business and finance.


We would be delighted to give you detailed information about the ultra-challenging nature of our professional it solutions and training programs. If you would like to be among the financial, auditing leaders of tomorrow, it is not enough to be at the right place at the right time, you have to be ready as well. We look forward to helping you achieve success and excellence.

  • Our mission

Is to serve our customers beyond limits. Contribute to the development of the International Accounting Standards, auditing, tax and legal consultations and intellectual property rights .Develop human resources, by generating highly specialized courses. Bridging the gap of confidence between those who benefit from the financial data and our customers. Provide our customers with up to date information in this area, and equip them with the best means, to save effort and time, and take the right decision at the right time.

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  • Our Vision

Is to be the leaders in the markets that we have decided to serve, and to be distinguished  in our performance. Moreover, to be number one, in expertise and innovation, and number one or two in the volume of our business.